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Tianyou Tunnel Makes a Wonderful Appearance at the 2023 CTT Expo in Russia

Author:PV:207 Time:2023-09-01

From May 23rd to 26th, the 23rd CTT Expo 2023 was grandly held at the Klokus Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia. Shandong Tianyou Tunnel Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. made a strong appearance at the exhibition with multiple flagship products, attracting a large number of customers' attention. The Chairman of Tianyou Tunnel personally led a team to the exhibition, fully demonstrating the hard core strength of China's manufacturing industry.

Since its establishment in 1999, CTT Expo has been held once a year and has successfully held 22 sessions. It is a large-scale international exhibition in Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, integrating engineering machinery, building materials machinery, and mining machinery. The exhibition area of CTT2023 reaches 65000 square meters, setting a new historical high. Numerous well-known construction machinery brands from around the world have come to participate, attracting a large number of local and surrounding customers in Russia.

This exhibition lasts for four days and covers various fields of construction machinery. There are 909 exhibitors, including 518 Chinese exhibitors. The exhibition revolves around international construction and engineering machinery, showcasing cutting-edge international trends and achievements.

As a shield cutting tool manufacturer with a business scope covering the global market, Tianyou Tunnel has made its debut at this exhibition with multiple flagship products, showcasing various types of rollers, scrapers, shield tail brushes, etc. to the international market, conducting in-depth face-to-face communication and negotiations with global customers, allowing more people to understand the advantages and strength of Tianyou Tunnel.

As a typical enterprise transitioning from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, Tianyou Tunnel has integrated into the wave of industrial development. In the shield construction machinery industry, it not only deeply cultivates the quality of shield cutting tools, and its products have obtained over a hundred patent certifications, but also continuously pays attention to brand reputation building. Since its establishment in 2010, Tianyou Tunnel has established cooperation with customers in multiple regions and regions, providing multiple varieties of rollers, scrapers, shield tail brushes, etc., to assist in the high-quality development of multiple fields and infrastructure, and also accelerate the internationalization process of the enterprise. The high-quality product quality, integrated solutions, and humanized and intelligent service system have received unanimous praise and recognition from customers.

At the booth, the staff of Tianyou Tunnel warmly received the visitors, and there was an endless stream of visitors on site. New and old friends communicated and discussed, looked at the exhibits, and inquired about the quality, fully demonstrating the power of Tianyou Tunnel.

The Chairman of Tianyou Tunnel stated that the effect of this exhibition was much better than expected. Tianyou Tunnel fully utilized the opportunity of this exhibition, not only discussing old times with many Russian "old friends", but also having friendly conversations with many new customers, actively demonstrating the core competitiveness and independent research and development capabilities of Global "Intelligent" Manufacturing, in order to gain widespread attention from all sectors of the world.

Tianyou Tunnel will take this CTT Expo as an opportunity to continue to cultivate overseas markets, seize historical opportunities, continuously optimize its own strength, and provide shield cutting tools and comprehensive solutions to global customers, so that more people can understand the advantages and strength of China's manufacturing industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.