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Nanchang Metro: Line 2 starts on July 1

Author:PV:170 Time:2018-05-18

  Nanchang Metro Line 2 will start construction on July 1.  On the 16th, the Provincial People's Congress "Unblocked Provincial City" activity leading group went to Nanchang Pengjiaqiao Subway Station and Qiushui Square subway station construction site for special inspections on the subway enclosure. After the inspection, everyone held a forum on how to make the road to the public. Hong Lihe, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, said that the construction of the Metro Line 2 should be more public.

  New message

  Line 2 will start in full operation. 7 stations have a greater impact on traffic.

  “At present, the second round of construction planning for the second phase of Nanchang Rail Transit Lines 3, 4, 5 and 1 and 2 has been started. It will be reported to the National Development and Reform Commission in the first half of this year, and will be approved at the end of the year; The line is basically completed and open to traffic. The Metro Line 2, which has attracted much attention from the general public, will start construction on July 1 this year.” Mao Shunmao, chairman and party secretary of Nanchang Rail Transit Group, said.

  "The first phase of Metro Line 2 has a total of 21 stations. The stations with great traffic impact include: Hongguzhong Avenue Station, Yangming Park Station, Qingshan Road Station, Fuzhou Road Station, Yongshu Road Station, Ding Road South Station. Hongduzhong Avenue Station. As the construction site involves many main roads in the old city, it will put new pressure on the Nanchang traffic that was already fully loaded. At present, Nanchang Rail Transit Group has initially carried out traffic deconstruction design. It is indicated that the construction of the 21 sites will be marked with functional areas, and the area of the enclosure will be minimized under the condition of ensuring construction safety. The main structure and the auxiliary structure construction enclosure are implemented in phases to minimize the time taken to occupy the road.

  good suggestion

  Appropriate reduction of enclosure range when construction is transferred to underground

  Metro Line 2 is about to start in full swing, and Line 3 will start construction next year. The biggest problem facing Nanchang is still the traffic congestion. To this end, the members of the Leading Group of the Provincial People's Congress “Clearing the Provincial City” activities combined with the inspection of the construction site of the Pengjiaqiao subway station and the Honggutan Qiushui Square subway station on the same day, how to make the road to the people to propose targeted and good ideas for Nanchang. City Council and Nanchang Rail Transit Company reference.

  "There was 5 days of riding in the previous period. On the first day, I saw the construction enclosure. I felt very deep in this place at the Normal University (Beijing West Road Campus)." Wei Min, secretary general of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, said that the first feeling is too strong. All-round, the function inside the enclosure is very comprehensive, the construction site function should be reasonably organized, some functions do not need to be placed in the enclosure; the second feeling is that the road is too wide, occupying 2/3 on the main road, and the enclosure is still More needs to improve the design of the traffic. “I would like to mention a little suggestion. First, remove all the functions that need not be placed on site, and do not set them on the main road. Second, according to the construction progress, when the construction is transferred to the underground, the scope of the enclosure can be appropriately reduced.”

  Motorway and non-motor vehicle lanes should be provided as much as possible

  Luo Yongyin, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, said that the construction enclosure can still be adjusted. For example, around the construction site, under the conditions of safe construction, if the motor vehicle lane can be provided, the motor vehicle lane should be provided as far as possible; if the motor vehicle lane cannot be provided, at least the non-motor vehicle lane should be provided; if the non-motor vehicle lane cannot be provided, at least the sidewalk should be provided. Let the road be in the people. After the road is released, if there are conditions, the effective space on both sides of the enclosure can be leveled and the line drawn.

  Luo Yongyin said that the subway block in Yunnan and Nanjing is the longest of 200 meters and the widest 21 meters. Nanchang is longer and wider than these two places. "The two lines can be constructed at the same time, basically can go, if 1, 2. At the same time of construction of Line 3, it is necessary to seek the opinions of relevant departments and conduct scientific argumentation."

  It is best not to have a broken road for all enclosures.

  "As a citizen who has worked and lived in Nanchang for 27 years, as a 40-year-old driver, as a passenger with a work car, I think Nanchang is a beautiful place. Nanchang traffic management department thought of many ways to improve The traffic rate of traffic." Xiao Gen, deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Provincial People's Congress, said.

  In response to the enclosure problem, he said that the Pengjiaqiao subway construction site has a 500-meter-long enclosure, eight lanes occupy six, and the remaining two lanes are like mountain trails; and the Qiushui Square subway station has a perimeter of 33,000 square meters. . Lines 2, 3, 4, and 5 following Line 1 must adhere to three principles: First, all enclosures should not have broken roads, second, subway construction cannot occupy roads, and third, construction of subway stations cannot have other functions. "Can't be engineering-centered, people-oriented."

  Wang Xiaoyi, senior engineer of the Jiangxi Tonglian City and Transportation Planning and Design Institute, suggested that after the enclosure, can traffic induction be more detailed? Can the enclosure set a visible range? To be people-oriented, there must be sufficient width when reserving the sidewalk.


  Line 2 will minimize the range of enclosures

  In response to the above suggestions, Cai Shebao, director of the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal People's Congress, and Liu Jianyang, member of the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, respectively responded.

  "We will study it one by one and carefully adopt and implement it." Cai Shebao said that in the next step, the field investigation and verification of Line 1 will be carried out on site, and under the premise of ensuring safe construction, we will try to optimize the construction plan. Where conditions permit, such as the completion of the main project, it is necessary to consider reducing the enclosure to minimize the occupation of road resources. For the construction of the 2nd line enclosure to be started, the scope of the enclosure should be determined carefully, scientifically and reasonably. For the main structure and the ancillary structure, the construction should be considered in stages, so that the enclosure can be contracted and reduced, and reduced. Where conditions permit, the road will be one. In addition, it is recommended that the Nanchang Municipal Government issue a government regulation on standardizing the management of construction enclosures, and clarify the scope of various engineering enclosures, the height of the fence, etc., and work in accordance with the regulations in the future.

  Liu Jianyang also said that the line 2 of the line can be small and small, and the road can be expanded and added, and it can be better, and it can pass. The dynamic management of the enclosure is carried out, and the enclosure range is adjusted according to the specific conditions such as the start-up period, the construction period, and the completion of the main project.