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The "June 1" Children's Day Liaocheng Children's Welfare Institute Tour was successfully held

Author:PV:212 Time:2018-05-21

  Children's Day is about to arrive. In order to give the children of the welfare home a happy Children's Day, the company's leadership has encouraged the company's employees to actively participate in organizing this event and let the volunteers give their love. Most of the children here were abandoned because of their disability, and the welfare homes took them and gave them a home. Here, living conditions are OK, but children still lack the love of the family.

  On the morning of 5.22, a group of more than a dozen people opened the journey of true love with gifts such as milk powder, books, fruits, toys and so on. When we got together and walked into the welfare home, the children were doing their own things in an orderly way. When the children saw that everyone had come to them for the holidays, they were also emotionally up.

  Then happy time is open, everyone is chatting and playing games. Seeing the happy smiles of those children, we always have a feeling of incomprehension. Perhaps, while letting children live in paradise on earth, should they also let them experience real life and meaningful life? The contrast on Children's Day seems to remind us of something.

  The trip to this love has been a great success, and it has also increased a lot of highlights. It has brought affordable help and happiness to the Children's Day holiday. Everyone said that they will form a system in the future, visit and visit on a regular basis, and come with their own little love. Concentrate on the love of the whole society, let more caring people come in, and contribute to the children, "to carry the love to the end."