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The remanufacturing shield machine of China's first domestic main bearing was successfully applied!

Author:PV:189 Time:2018-05-21

Recently, in the construction of Anhui Hefei Rail Transit Line 3, China's first remanufactured shield machine using domestic main bearings successfully completed the 2369.65 m tunneling task. This shows that the domestic main bearing developed by Luo axis has withstood the practice test and has great significance for promoting the localization of the core components of the shield machine.

China's first domestically produced main bearing remanufacturing shield machine successfully applied

The successful application of this equipment is the earth pressure balance shield machine specially adapted by the China Railway Tunnel Bureau to adapt to the Hefei stratum special organization. It not only restores the original machine performance, optimizes the system, but also uses the domestic main bearing for the first time. The new main bearing is led by the China Railway Tunnel Bureau. The main shaft bearing diameter is 2.6 meters.  It can meet the continuous working of the 6-7 meter diameter shield machine for more than 15,000 hours, which indicates that China has mastered the core technology of the shield machine and broke. A technical monopoly of a few foreign companies.